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Experiment kits fire our children’s imagination and encourage their interest in understanding connections and exploring how nature works.

Children and young people are interested in nature and its laws, in chemical bonds and compounds, in the workings of things, or generally in the world they live in. We, as parents and teachers, should encourage this because it means helping our children to explore the world through play.

Many children and young people have no interest in dull theory and find it hard to enthuse over learning the phenomena of nature purely through rote learning. Frustration with learning is thus often pre-programmed from an early age.

Experiment kits help to turn dull day-to-day learning into an exciting, colourful adventure. Their curiosity is piqued, they want to understand, they get interested, and they gain a lot from it. As everyone knows, experience is always the best teacher!

There are now a multitude of experiment kits, so what makes a good kit and what makes a bad kit? What experiment kits can you recommend? Which are educationally challenging, which are suitable for learning through play? Parents and teachers often quickly feel alone here and need help. We seek to provide support here.


You are on the only website which offers experiment kits for the key technologies of the 21st century, such as nanotechnology, around the world. And there’s a simple reason for that. Owing to the diversity, the topicality, and the exciting lessons, only experts are able to build such an experiment case and they work at Advanced Materials Science rano GmbH, or AMS rano for short.

Dr Ralph Nonninger, the founder of AMS rano, is a pioneer of nanotechnology and has worked in the field for almost 30 years. He has long since proven his scientific qualifications with more than 200 patents granted worldwide in the field of nanotechnology.