Nano Experiment kit for Chemistry lessons

Why does the characteristic colour of gold change when its particles are smaller than 5 nm? Where can such effects be applied in industry today? How can lycopodium be super-hydrophobic and also cause powerful explosions?


This experiment kit provides relevant answers to all those questions. We hope that the experiments described here will help you pass a few interesting hours in the world of small
particles and fine structures.
Some of the experiments introduced here are intended for demonstration only, but others can be incorporated into lessons under the supervision of a teacher without excessive preparation.

We hope that through our experiment kit we can bring the fascinating world of chemistry closer to your pupils and you. It contains 11 experiments:

  • Experiments to obtain the lotus effect
  • Hydrophobic surfaces for dummies
  • Production of a hydrophobic surface on wood or on a mineral material
  • Production of a hydrophobic surface on textiles
  • Invisible ink for glass - production of a hydrophile surface (anti-fog)
  • Scratch-resistant coating on wood
  • Coating for fire protection
  • Identification of colloids through the Tyndall effect
  • Production of nanoscale gold
  • Spitting fire with small particles
  • Super-hydrophobia

Other topics are explained by demo objects:

  • What does a pregnancy test have to do with chemistry?


The Nano Experiment kit for Chemistry lessons and its accompanying material is available in the following languages:
German, English and French.

Price: 140,00 € plus 19% VAT excl. Shipping costs.