NanoSchoolBox 2.0

Teaching and Learning about Nanotechnology


Why not send your pupils on a journey across the nanoworld? We’ve already packed their case in preparation: the NanoSchoolBox 2.0. Ideal for young people from the age of 16, the experiments and demo objects which the box provides literally bring to life one of the most fascinating high technologies of our times.

Experiencing nanotechnology

The NanoSchoolBox 2.0 contains the tools and materials required for 15 experiments and 4 demo objects, accompanying material as well as a 68-page brochure with descriptions of the experiments and background information. The experiments can either be demonstrated by teachers or conducted by the pupils themselves in physics, biology or chemistry lessons.


The experiments

• Experiments to obtain the lotus effect

• Hydrophobic surfaces for dummies

• Hydrophobic surfaces on wood and stone

• Hydrophobic surfaces on textiles

• Hydrophilic surfaces: “invisible ink” on glass

• Scratch-resistant coating on wood

• Nanocoating for fire protection

• Electrical conductivity of glass through indium tin oxide

• Photocatalysis with titanium oxide

• Ferrofluids in the magnetic field

• Density separation with ferrofluid

• Identification of colloids through the Tyndall effect

• Production of nanoscale gold

• Memory metal – atom movements in the nanodimension

• Spitting fire with small particles

• Superhydrophobia


The demo objects

• Pregnancy test: gold particles identify biomolecules

• From sand to chip I: silica sand

• From sand to chip II: rock crystal

• From sand to chip III: silicon wafer


The NanoSchoolBox 2.0 and its accompanying material is available in the following languages:
German, English, French and Spanish.

Price: 369,00 € plus 19% VAT excl. Shipping costs.