NanoSchoolKit 5

In the NanoSchoolKit 5 we are dedicated to the ferrofluids. With these small, dispersed in a liquid nano-iron particles, the magnetic field around a magnet is shown vividly. In another experiment, the density change of the ferrofluid is highlighted by a magnetic field. The kit contains:

  • approx. 10 ml ferrofluid
  • approx. 30 ml tenside solution
  • 1 empty crimp-top glass tube
  • 1 magnet
  • 10 pipettes
  • 1 petri dish

All experiments are part of the NanoSchoolBox. The kit serves as a refill kit or is suitable for people who are only interested in ferrofluids.

Price: 33,61 € plus 19% VAT excl. shipping costs.

If you need larger quantities of the solutions for large-scale experiments with school classes, please contact us.