NanoSchoolKit 6

With the NanoSchoolKit 6 the students get to know nanoscale gold colloids. For this purpose, experiments show how the colloids can be detected by the Tyndall effect and nanoscale gold is produced. The kit contains:

  • approx. 7 ml auric chloride solution
  • approx. 30 ml tenside solution
  • approx. 30 ml citratle solution
  • 2 snap-cap glass containers
  • 2 pipettes

The following experiments can be performed with this kit:

  • Identification of colloids through the Tyndall effect
  • Production of nanoscale gold

This experiment is part of the NanoSchoolBox, this is the refill set of the consumables of the corresponding experiment.

Price: 37,81 € plus 19% VAT excl. shipping costs.

If you need larger quantities of the solutions for large-scale experiments with school classes, please contact us.