Dr Ralph Nonninger, the founder of AMS rano, is a pioneer of nanotechnology and has worked in the field for almost 30 years. He has long since proven his scientific qualifications with more than 200 patents granted worldwide in the field of nanotechnology.

For 10 years, Dr Nonninger held a position of responsibility at a Leibniz Institute in Germany which was designated by the Federal Government as a centre of excellence in nanotechnology in the 90s. As a department head, he was responsible for 30 scientists plus technical staff. In the 2000s, he led a listed nanotechnology company which he founded himself and which he left after 10 years of successful activity in 2011. Since then, Dr Nonninger has led three major national science and nanotechnology networks, one of which is “NanoBioNet e.V., as well as two ZIM networks called “NanoPharm” and “Morpheus”. Dr Nonninger is still the president of the “German Association of Nanotechnology” and is a popular speaker at conferences and conventions around the world.

Dr Nonninger has been promoting vocational training and science education for decades. It was therefore a burning desire for him in 2011 to establish AMS in order to introduce children and young people to science, STEM learning, or to cutting-edge technologies such as nanotechnology through play.

His excellent networking in the industry enables him to constantly mobilise more experts, his knowledge of technology allows him to design the experiments and tailor them for children and young people, and he uses his global presence to ensure that our experiment kits are always hot off the press.

Since 2011, Dr Nonninger has developed forty different experiment kits, either alone or together with experts throughout Europe. Incidentally, a nanotechnology kit which he helped to design is today sold in Walmart stores in the USA.

Our customers are located all around the world and often represent government-related institutions which pass on the experiment cases to schools on a large scale.

But you and your children can also buy and use the immensely high-quality experiment cases in order to develop a scientific approach to the world of tomorrow for you and your children.

Introduce your children to the key technologies of the 21st century, which the European Union invests several million Euros in grant funds every year. Help your children to find their path early and establish a basis for their professional future.